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Multifunction telescopic ladder Gierre PEPPina, ref. AM100, made of aluminium and steel, 4+4 rungs.

Height is easily adjustable using position lock handles on sides at various levels.

It can be used in three positions: like a twin step ladder, or all extended, or like a stair ladder, when one side has to be different from the other.

Max load: 100 kgs.

Certification: EN131 - D.Lgs. 81/08.

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Data sheet

Serial number / intensity of use Series 5 Non-Continuous Use
Max working height in the double/twin position (m) 3.20
Max working height in the all extended position (m) 4.70
Full-length ladder length (m) 1.15
Number of steps or rungs 4+4
Certification D.Lgs. 81/08
Max load (kgs) 100
Steps width / rungs section (mm) 24x23 mm
Prevailing material Steel and Aluminium
Sizes of the closed product (without packaging, excluded) (m) 1.15x0.54x0.22
Sizes of the closed product (when packed) HxLxP (m) 1.17x0.56x0.24
Lenght of ladder in the double position (m) 1.92
Full ladder lenght (m) 3.79
Profiles / uprights section (mm) 60x22
Brand name GIERRE
Production place Made in Italy
Warranty 3 years
Product weight without packaging (kg) 13.30
Product weight with packaging (kg) 13.80
Type of base Flared base
Stabilizer bar including

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Aluminium-steel multifunction telescopic ladder Gierre PEPPina ref. AM100 is equipped with a patented steel hinge, easy and safe to use.

Semi-automatic safety device.

Non-slip knurled feet, high grip lateral steel lock.

Uprights with rounded profile, easy to handle.

Solid structure, made of aluminium, flared at the base.